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About Us

Find It® has brought new and innovative solutions to everyday organizational products. These clever products won't change the way you work... they'll just help you work more effectively!

Find It® has taken basic organizational products and with some ingenuity and innovation, made simple, surprising design improvements. Hanging file folders, manila file folders and 3 ring binders for example, have been unchanged for years. When you experience the improvements our Find It® design team made to these products and, in fact, all our products, you'll wonder why no one has thought of them before. Each Find It® product, for your office and home, challenges traditional thinking and will help you work easier and more efficiently.

Find It® was created, and is wholly-owned by IdeaStream Consumer Products, LLC. IdeaStream has focused on delivering innovative products, by bringing exceptional industrial design in direct contact with the needs of consumers, since 2002.